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Hey and a Good ol welcome to you

Well if you are new to my web site please continue on reading. If you are a Second timer cheak the Updates page. I'll try and up date it atleast 1once a month. Maybe way more. dont know just have to keep on coming i guess.

well this might seem wierd?

well this shouldn't seem wierd cause only the people who know me will find this site and still hate it . Trust me its not Very good at the Moment other than some screen shots of the Games im made a LONG time ago.

Im makeing new ones just gotta stay on topic

Where do i get these Final Dragon Games?

well. First off your probably like. HUH? this is supposed to help me?


yeah it will if you have interest in my games. Well... Havent figured it out yet but some day... it will be download able. once i find out a way to do it on

Black Mage... heh or in other Words, a DARK RATHEN

What in the world is with Black mages ( Dark Rathen )

well i call Black Mages Dark Rathen cause it just sounds cooler and such

well gotta have a reason of what it is right?

"A black mage is a Master of the Dark Arts. controls the..." Kyle Says

"ah Shut up Kyle. I dont need this" Kaleb Replys.

"your a BLOCK MAGE!" Zac Yells

"its BLACK MAGE! you idoit!" Pat tells


Just a little dailog from a game i might make when im done my other ones hee hee

well lets cut to the chase

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